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Best Day of trip

I have been asked which day stands out on our trip.

All the days were special but the one that really stands out was Day 73 June 22

Read it again and you will see why.

Kgalagadi trip has been cancelled.
Our daughter is expecting, due on the 13 Sept the day we were supposed to return, with no cell phone coverage at Grootkolk or Nossob we have decide to postpone it to next year.

Next Trip

We depart Cape Town 2 September 2010 for 8 nights

Twee Rivieren 3/9/2010
Grootkolk 4+5/9/2010
Nossob 6+7/9/2010
Kieliekrankie 8+9+10/9/2010

The count down has started

Home safe and final cost update

The pages have been updated with the fuel and site costs

We travelled a total of 11565 Km at a fuel cost of R8608-
We were away for 95 nights at a cost of R14643-

Total cost excluding food which we would have had at home anyway

Great value for money compare this to a 2 week overseas trip for 2 with airfare and accommodation.
Another way of looking at it is to say that R14000 accommodation cost would have only got you 7 to 10 Days in a Hotel for 2 people or 20 to 25 days in a B&B

Till next year

Andrew and Lettie

Final Blog Post

The last couple of days of our holiday will be spent in very much the same way. We are leaving on Monday 12 July to take our caravan back to storage in Nelspruit where we will spend the day cleaning the caravan, fridge etc as well as disconnecting the battery and emptying the water tanks. we should leave Nelspruit around midday and should be back in Cape Town on Wednesday. I will update the fuel and accommodation costs when we are back for those interested.

We want to thank everyone who has followed us on our travels and commented. We hope you have enjoyed our trip with us as much as we have. We hope to meet up with all of you again.
To all the wonderful people we have met and our neighbours who have camped next to us at various times, we hope to see you again at some time in Kruger, thanks for the fun we have had and the exchanges of sightings around the camp fire. We have booked Lower Sabie for May 2011 and Satara for June 2011. I know that the "Vrystaters" and the Retiefs will be there at the same time. To the Sanparks Forum members around the world thanks for watching. we know that many of you were following in the background from reports by members we met, proudly displaying the "Yellow Ribbon".
To the Sanparks staff we have met, the attendants, reception, shops we have only received excellent service well done.
Our Family and our pooch, we will see you soon, we miss all of you.

Our routine for the next couple of days.
At about 08h30 head for the Spa, Sauna and bathe in the Hot Water Spa.
After that head for the main warm pool, do a couple of lengths (short).
Brunch and then play putt- putt, bowls or something less strenuous.
We are in the heart of the citrus growing area and have visited some farms where we have bought some goodies like dried fruit, canned tomatoes in various flavours, and some Atchars.
Bags of Oranges, Naartjies and Avo's for R1-00 3 times the size of the ones you get at home.

Activities for kids Spoon race in yellow arena

The sign says "Happy Days"
"B & B 4 the Birds"

See how some of the campers decorate and plant flowers. these people come and spend the 4 months of winter here and make themselves very comfortable. We have seen lounge suites, office desks with computers and printers, display cabinets, full double beds, large flat screens in the caravans side tents, all this for R1500 which is the monthly rate including lights and water, sewerage and rubbish removal

Last of the Photos taken in Kruger for 2010

Hyaena looking at hole in fence

Dwarf Mongoose scavenging around our van.

Honey Badger next to our site, note hole in fence.