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Day 21 Skukuza (4 of 15) 01 May

Spot the Animal was a Vervet Monkey (double click to enlarge photo). In future this will appear as a Page, see the pages on the left for the new Spot the Animal, post your answers as a comment.

Picture of the Day

Mushrooms growing in Elephant Dung

Traffic Jam. Note the scale of the Elephant to the cars.

Woke up early with a lot of activity around camp, lots of guys getting ready for golf as they had a big golf day organized by some golf association for today ( I think Andrew was a bit envious)

Took the S114 to Renostekoppies dam, had our coffee and rusks, there were no animals in sight. After coffee we took the S21 (N’watimhiri road). Saw our first Lion sighting on a causeway, saw them fleetingly then they were heading into the dry riverbed. Sat there for a while hoping they would appear again but no show, we think they were heading for the nice warm sand on the bank of the river for a siesta. Just before the T-junction we stopped at a dam, we do not know what the name is, not written on the map, had breakfast in the car…cereals and yogurt.
Turned off onto the H4-1 back to Skukuza.
After a few km we saw a huge Elephant Bull walking in front of us, in front of him was a few cars that were forced to reverse while he was ambling down the road. That was our traffic jam for today.

Got back to camp to do a few chores in the caravan. I then decided that I need the “add-a-room” erected so that I can start painting again…got withdrawal syndrome. After that was done we went for a swim to cool off as it was hot today.
Watched the rugby, Well done Stormers, well done Bulls, bad luck Sharks!
Supper: chops & boerewors and a butternut pie I made myself.

Well done Kim your game reserve experience is paying off, you correctly ID the Vervet on the “spot the animal” Your prize is a weekend for 2 in our side tent, any weekend between now and middle July! All you have to do is get here.

Day 20 Skukuza (3 of 15) April 30

Happy birthday Quintin, I hope the family spoils you rotten.

Sightings and pick of the day

First stop was for diesel as the tank was on quarter, only to find that the pumps were out of order, waiting for a technician from Total.
Traveled along the H4-1 over the high level bridge, coffee and rusks at Mantimahle dam, continued to the S36. At Jones dam found 2 White Rhino and a variety of other game. Continued on S36 to Nhlanguleni picnic spot.

Breakfast consisted of toasted Bacon and Egg done on the Jaffle iron.

Returned on same route to Skukuza as fuel gauge was now on reserve, pumps still out of order, as a result we could not go on an afternoon drive. Eventually got fuel at 17h30. Some people needed to get to the airport and did not have enough fuel to get to the next source, others were on there way home and had to wait the whole day to get fuel. Chaos! And the world cup is around the corner.

Day 19 Skukuza (2 of 15) April 29

Breakfast next to the Sabie River


Pic of the Day

"What does this sign say? cant grade!!"

"Lets get this thing started and grade it ourselves

watch the speed limit"

Woke early, gates open at 06h00, crossed the low water bridge over the Sabie River, took the Maroela loop (S83) to the Salitje road (S30) view point where we had coffee and rusks. Breakfast at Nkuhlu, they seem to have sorted out the Vervet problem as we had a peaceful breakfast without having to guard our belongings. Afternoon drive to Renosterkoppies dam (S114) and back as gates close 18h00 (as from 1 May 17h30).
See Master Mammal list on pages for our sightings.

From time to time I am going to post a Photograph “Spot and Identify the Animal “, for those interested post a comment on what and where the animal is. After a few days I will publish the photo with the animal blown up for all to see.

I also plan to post the “Picture of the Day”. I don’t want to clutter the blog to much as it is still a long time to go. Give me some feed back on how long the blog is taking to load. At Skukuza 3G is available but at other camps only 2G which takes for ever to upload.

Kerry, the Co-ordinates are the exact location of where our caravan is standing. Satellite dish up (see Pic), will be watching the Stormers for sure. A lot of Bulls supporters here, a lot bigger than me so I wont be shouting to loud.

Bumped into Graham Balharry from Cape Town for those who know him from business and golf.

Day 18 Skukuza (1 of 15) April 28

Camp site taken from pool

Slept late and decided to take a slow drive to Numbi gate, out to Nelspruit to get provisions for the month. Decided to take malaria tablets as there has been a lot of late rains. The grass is still green and very long making game viewing challenging. Rest of day spent doing camp maintenance.

Day 17 Skukuza 27 April

Colony of Banded Mongoose in Camp

Left Badplaas at 08h00, travelled via Barberton, Kaapmuiden, then turned off onto the N4 towards Malelane Gate. A distance of 146Km.

When we got to the gate there was a long delay due to Crocodile Bridge being closed, people arriving and people leaving after the long weekend.

Arrived at Skukuza, 7 days earlier than planned, at midday and setup camp for a 15 day stay.

Co-ordinates of camp site

Elev. 272m (from 2000m at Golden Gate)

Day 15 Badplaas 26 April

Woke to a cloudless sky with the temperature in the 20's. After breakfast we decided to pack up and head for Badplaas, the decision was made on the basis that it was a 6 hour trip and that tomorrow was the end of the long weekend, the traffic would be very heavy, good decision as the roads were quiet and in bad condition with lots of stop/go's. Steadies up at 11h00,travelled via Bergville, Ladysmith, Newcastle, Ermelo, Carolina and arrived at Forever Resorts Badplaas at 17h00 a distance of 456.3 Km. Great resort with lots of fun things to do, the big attraction being the mineral hot water spring. Only 120Km from Malelane Gate (1.5 Hours) and will head for Skukuza after enjoying a swim and breakfast.

Co-ordinates of camp site
S 25.95143
E 30.56486
Elevation 1105

Day 14 Hlalanahti 25 April

A bit of sunshine this morning, decided to play golf, Lettie took a cart and came with.
2 nd hole Note caravan in background

One of the water holes

4th tee note amphitheatre in back ground

Decide to play another 9 holes in the afternoon, teamed up with John and Jane a very social afternoon.

Day 13 Hlananathi 24 April

Rained all day, went to Royal Natal, had a look at the facilities decided that we would make a seperate trip to Tendele, there is a number of bungaloes with a view onto the amphitheatre, absolutely stunning.