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Day 20 Skukuza (3 of 15) April 30

Happy birthday Quintin, I hope the family spoils you rotten.

Sightings and pick of the day

First stop was for diesel as the tank was on quarter, only to find that the pumps were out of order, waiting for a technician from Total.
Traveled along the H4-1 over the high level bridge, coffee and rusks at Mantimahle dam, continued to the S36. At Jones dam found 2 White Rhino and a variety of other game. Continued on S36 to Nhlanguleni picnic spot.

Breakfast consisted of toasted Bacon and Egg done on the Jaffle iron.

Returned on same route to Skukuza as fuel gauge was now on reserve, pumps still out of order, as a result we could not go on an afternoon drive. Eventually got fuel at 17h30. Some people needed to get to the airport and did not have enough fuel to get to the next source, others were on there way home and had to wait the whole day to get fuel. Chaos! And the world cup is around the corner.


  1. Hi Mom dad

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, got spoilt

    Looks like you guys having fun

    Love Quintin, Celeste, Kids

  2. Hi guys,

    Looks bloody brilliant! Really takes me back to our travels and I'm ridiculously jealous. Gonna have to plan one f these trips as soon as the new addition of the family will accept her grandparents as babysitters!

    Looks like you guys are having loads of fun!


  3. Hi Oumie ( Lettie), I must admit having forgotten your blog, until I fell over it somewhere and have now caught up. To me it seems that you just left, but being day 20....... Now I will try to follow it more or less daily. You look very organised and I hope you will enjoy your time in KNP and see lots of interesting things!!!

  4. Hi guys,

    Will be following your Blog day by Day. Fantastic trip and hope you make the most of it.

    Andy (RUMURUTI)