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Day 49 Satara (6 of 25) May 29

Left camp at 06h30 and headed north along the tar with the intension of trying to spot the Cheetah that had been seen around Ngotso Dam recently, according to the sightings board.
On arrival at Ngotso dam we heard a lion roaring and spotted a lioness heading to the dam, suddenly a huge black mane Lion chased the lioness back across the road at some speed, another Lion appeared so we knew there were definitely 2, further on at the waterhole we found another male, possibly the one that chased the lioness. Interesting morning trying to fathom out what was happening.

We returned to camp for breakfast, only to find that people had moved in meters from our site after our previous neighbors left, very inconsiderate and Bulls supporters on top of it.
I will have to put up an additional screen wall to preserve our privacy.
Watched the rugby, this Bulls side will beat any team including the All Blacks now.

Day 48 Satara (5 of 25) May 28

Left camp at 08h00, late by Game Reserve standards, decided to do the Sweni (S126). We had heard that this road had gone cold as little had been seen on it. True, saw very little and the road is in bad condition, Welverdiendt water hole is overgrown and the only water is from the recent rains.
Onto Muzandzeni for breakfast, Lettie wanted to hand over the colouring books and crayons that she brought with to the 2 children who's parents live and work there, only to find that it is their week off and that they will be back on Tuesday.
Continued along the S36 to see if we could see the Sable antelope which are often seen on this road, no luck. Returned to camp along the S125 and the tar H1-3.

Braaied with Corrie and Nonnie at our van. Kim, they send their best regards and we reminisced on the sightings you had with them last year.

Day 47 Satara (4 of 25) May 27 (PAYDAY)

SATARA, SATARA, SATARA what a place, teaming with game, Lion around every corner.

Left early to see if the pride we saw late yesterday was still at the trough next to the tar road
The lions had moved about a Km on the sand road (S90), as the cars started arriving they moved off deeper into the bush, just visible.

About 5 Km further we found 2 huge male Lions sunning themselves

Turned south onto the S41 Gudzani road and headed towards Nwanetsi picnic spot to meet with Corrie and Nonny and Attie from Paarl for breakfast.
Along the way we saw Rhino and other game 4 of the big 5 in a 2 hour drive.
At the picnic spot, while we were preparing our bacon and eggs we heard Lion roaring close by. We all went up to the look-out point and saw 3 male lions cross the river and move past the picnic spot within 80 m of the cleared area towards the tar. This is a first for us and shows that this place never ceases to offer up surprises.

Afternoon drive to our favorite spot, Girivana. On the way out we stopped at the shop and bought a tin of Stoney Ginger beer, a Cream soda and a small tub of ice cream to make a ginger beer and cream soda float.
We sat drinking this while we watched the full moon rise at 16h43 and the sun set at 17h13 before heading back to camp just in time before gates close.
Chris and Lynette came for sundowners

Another great day in Africa. Kerry please remind everyone of my surname, after a day like this I can do this permanently.

Looking east

Looking west at the same time

Day 46 Satara (3 of 25) 26 May

Today we got up early, packed the coffee and were out the gate at 06:30am.
Took the S100- Nwanedzi river road( known as the Ben Schoeman highway) Took a very slow drive, not much on the road this morning, maybe a bit to early, animals still hiding in the bush as it was a bit chilly.
Got to Gudzani dam. Decided to have coffee there…oh dear.. I left the rusks behind…must say I was not very popular this morning!
The Hippos were all lazing around the water, having a snooze after last nights walk about grazing.
This one made a tree stump his pillow, looked to funny from where we sat looking.

This little Crested Barbet sat on the rock and chirped all the time as to say “take a photo”

Had breakfast at Nwanedzi picnic spot.
Took the tar road back to camp. Stopped at Sonop water hole. These Zebra were milling around the water, drinking and chasing each other around.
A couple of them stood facing the other way presenting us a view of their behinds.

Got back to camp to do a few chores before we took an afternoon drive.
Decided to go north for a change as we heard there were Cheetah near Ngotso dam.
Just 5 klm from camp we saw a few Lions sleeping under a tree…we decided to go and find the Cheetah as the Lions were going to sleep for a long time. Needless to say we did not find the Cheetah. Turned back towards the Lions only to find they now have decided to move to the Drinking trough. A car pulled up next to us and told us there were 2 cubs on the other side of the road all by themselves.
Got there and these 2 looked lost…mom must have decided to go and have a drink first with the rest of the pride, then come back for them later. Hope she did as we had to leave for camp as it was now getting dark.

we are too cute!

this little one stuck his tongue out at all the cars

Got back to camp, lit the braai fire. Chris (forum name ChrisB) and Lynette came to say hello. Going out early tomorrow to see if we can see the pride on the road, for some reason they like to laze around on the tar road at night.

Hope we are going to hear the Lions Roar tonight!

Day 45 Satara (2 of 25) May 25

Quiet day spent in camp catching up on admin, emails on so on.

Late afternoon drive we saw these White Rhino grazing next to the road near Girivana dam.

Day 44 Satara (1 of 25) May 24

Left Letaba at 06h00 sharp. Arrived at Satara at 07h30, most campers pack up very early and by arriving early you can normally secure a good site. We got a good, shady site next to the fence which we have managed to cordon off for ourselves, a bit far from the ablutions but at least we don’t have the noise of the washing machine and tumble driers going all day. By 09h30 all the available prime sites were taken, lesson for Pat Mac Master, leave early. Set up for a 24 day stay at Satara.

In the hour that we were traveling we saw 4 of the Big 5.
At Ngotso north on the tar road to Satara we had 2 huge male Lions with a few Lionesses cross the road, unfortunately they were heading in the direction of the rising sun, which made photography challenging. We did not spend time there as we wanted to secure a site.

Afternoon drive to Girivana S40, Letties favourite waterhole, a large croc and a Hippo have moved in. Elephant, Baboon, Waterbuck, Impala, Zebra, Wildebeest also seen there.

On the way back, at Nsemani dam, we saw a huge herd of Buffalo.
A good start to our stay at Satara.

Met up with Corrie and Leonora who we made friends with last year, Kim you will remember them.

Chris B from Phalaborwa also came to greet us, it’s great to see and renew acquaintances again.

New Co-ordinates
Satara Camp Site
24.39405 S
31.77506 E
Elevation 268.34

For those of you who don’t have a Kruger map and are unfamiliar with the roads and places we mention in the blog, you can view or download a Kruger Park map at

View from our site

Lion on the way to Satara

Our Satara camping site

Day 41,42,43 Letaba (10,11 & 12 of 13) May 21 to 23

Day 43 23 May

Spent the day cleaning and packing ready to move to Satara on Monday, one day early.

Pat and Gail joined us for supper at the restaurant in the evening as they are also moving to Skukuza tomorrow.
Said our goodbyes as we are leaving at 06h00, we hear that Satara is full, just hope we get one of the sites we are aiming for.
Thanks to our new friends for the great company together, Lettie and I look forward to meeting you again. I will look out for the CX Pajero and the Bukkit Ford in the National Parks.

Day 42 22 May

Once again took the road to Mingerhout dam along the S47, this road has been very cold on this trip; normally we are very lucky along this road. Saw nothing of interest today.

We returned to camp for breakfast.

Our camp site is in the far eastern corner of Letaba where there are 4 great sites occupied by a group of us who have been together for quite some time. We have enjoyed each others company tremendously. We are all from the Cape and Eastern Province, of similar age, we all speak English, and have a common love of the bush and wild life. It has been great exchanging tales with each other and sharing camping tips.
Bill and Yvonne live in Durbanville and have a house in Sedgefield. Bill grew up in Benoni and went to the same junior school as I did. We also share a love for fishing particularly Garrick in the Swartvlei; we both know the area well, in fact Johann Smidt if you read this Bill was the chairman of the body corporate at Trails-End.
Pat (Warthog B) and Gail are from PE, Lettie and Pat are forum members on SAN Parks and share many common friends and tales about Kruger and the Kgalagadi.
We hope to see Bill in The Kgalagadi in September and Pat in Addo or Kruger some time.

We decided to have a Braai at our caravan to watch both rugby games, we moved the TV outside for this.
I spent the afternoon kneading dough to make bread and pizza dough for the braai to be shared amongst us.
Great evening together, great result for the Bulls and Stormers. Watched part of the cricket before going to bed exhausted only to be woken in the early hours by the earth trembling roar of a Lion close to camp. What more can you ask for, this is what makes this place so special.

Day 41 21 May

Stayed in camp, Lettie painted and I did a few walks around camp.
Afternoon drive yielded very little. Curried mince with dumplings ala Lettie for dinner