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Day 41,42,43 Letaba (10,11 & 12 of 13) May 21 to 23

Day 43 23 May

Spent the day cleaning and packing ready to move to Satara on Monday, one day early.

Pat and Gail joined us for supper at the restaurant in the evening as they are also moving to Skukuza tomorrow.
Said our goodbyes as we are leaving at 06h00, we hear that Satara is full, just hope we get one of the sites we are aiming for.
Thanks to our new friends for the great company together, Lettie and I look forward to meeting you again. I will look out for the CX Pajero and the Bukkit Ford in the National Parks.

Day 42 22 May

Once again took the road to Mingerhout dam along the S47, this road has been very cold on this trip; normally we are very lucky along this road. Saw nothing of interest today.

We returned to camp for breakfast.

Our camp site is in the far eastern corner of Letaba where there are 4 great sites occupied by a group of us who have been together for quite some time. We have enjoyed each others company tremendously. We are all from the Cape and Eastern Province, of similar age, we all speak English, and have a common love of the bush and wild life. It has been great exchanging tales with each other and sharing camping tips.
Bill and Yvonne live in Durbanville and have a house in Sedgefield. Bill grew up in Benoni and went to the same junior school as I did. We also share a love for fishing particularly Garrick in the Swartvlei; we both know the area well, in fact Johann Smidt if you read this Bill was the chairman of the body corporate at Trails-End.
Pat (Warthog B) and Gail are from PE, Lettie and Pat are forum members on SAN Parks and share many common friends and tales about Kruger and the Kgalagadi.
We hope to see Bill in The Kgalagadi in September and Pat in Addo or Kruger some time.

We decided to have a Braai at our caravan to watch both rugby games, we moved the TV outside for this.
I spent the afternoon kneading dough to make bread and pizza dough for the braai to be shared amongst us.
Great evening together, great result for the Bulls and Stormers. Watched part of the cricket before going to bed exhausted only to be woken in the early hours by the earth trembling roar of a Lion close to camp. What more can you ask for, this is what makes this place so special.

Day 41 21 May

Stayed in camp, Lettie painted and I did a few walks around camp.
Afternoon drive yielded very little. Curried mince with dumplings ala Lettie for dinner


  1. You have it all! You make it look attractive to camp.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Lisbeth (Micetta)

  2. Hi Lisbeth,
    It is easy to camp and you make lots of good friends that way!
    On the last pic, the gentleman on the far right looking at the camara is WarthogB.