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Day 49 Satara (6 of 25) May 29

Left camp at 06h30 and headed north along the tar with the intension of trying to spot the Cheetah that had been seen around Ngotso Dam recently, according to the sightings board.
On arrival at Ngotso dam we heard a lion roaring and spotted a lioness heading to the dam, suddenly a huge black mane Lion chased the lioness back across the road at some speed, another Lion appeared so we knew there were definitely 2, further on at the waterhole we found another male, possibly the one that chased the lioness. Interesting morning trying to fathom out what was happening.

We returned to camp for breakfast, only to find that people had moved in meters from our site after our previous neighbors left, very inconsiderate and Bulls supporters on top of it.
I will have to put up an additional screen wall to preserve our privacy.
Watched the rugby, this Bulls side will beat any team including the All Blacks now.

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