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Day 44 Satara (1 of 25) May 24

Left Letaba at 06h00 sharp. Arrived at Satara at 07h30, most campers pack up very early and by arriving early you can normally secure a good site. We got a good, shady site next to the fence which we have managed to cordon off for ourselves, a bit far from the ablutions but at least we don’t have the noise of the washing machine and tumble driers going all day. By 09h30 all the available prime sites were taken, lesson for Pat Mac Master, leave early. Set up for a 24 day stay at Satara.

In the hour that we were traveling we saw 4 of the Big 5.
At Ngotso north on the tar road to Satara we had 2 huge male Lions with a few Lionesses cross the road, unfortunately they were heading in the direction of the rising sun, which made photography challenging. We did not spend time there as we wanted to secure a site.

Afternoon drive to Girivana S40, Letties favourite waterhole, a large croc and a Hippo have moved in. Elephant, Baboon, Waterbuck, Impala, Zebra, Wildebeest also seen there.

On the way back, at Nsemani dam, we saw a huge herd of Buffalo.
A good start to our stay at Satara.

Met up with Corrie and Leonora who we made friends with last year, Kim you will remember them.

Chris B from Phalaborwa also came to greet us, it’s great to see and renew acquaintances again.

New Co-ordinates
Satara Camp Site
24.39405 S
31.77506 E
Elevation 268.34

For those of you who don’t have a Kruger map and are unfamiliar with the roads and places we mention in the blog, you can view or download a Kruger Park map at

View from our site

Lion on the way to Satara

Our Satara camping site

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