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Day 46 Satara (3 of 25) 26 May

Today we got up early, packed the coffee and were out the gate at 06:30am.
Took the S100- Nwanedzi river road( known as the Ben Schoeman highway) Took a very slow drive, not much on the road this morning, maybe a bit to early, animals still hiding in the bush as it was a bit chilly.
Got to Gudzani dam. Decided to have coffee there…oh dear.. I left the rusks behind…must say I was not very popular this morning!
The Hippos were all lazing around the water, having a snooze after last nights walk about grazing.
This one made a tree stump his pillow, looked to funny from where we sat looking.

This little Crested Barbet sat on the rock and chirped all the time as to say “take a photo”

Had breakfast at Nwanedzi picnic spot.
Took the tar road back to camp. Stopped at Sonop water hole. These Zebra were milling around the water, drinking and chasing each other around.
A couple of them stood facing the other way presenting us a view of their behinds.

Got back to camp to do a few chores before we took an afternoon drive.
Decided to go north for a change as we heard there were Cheetah near Ngotso dam.
Just 5 klm from camp we saw a few Lions sleeping under a tree…we decided to go and find the Cheetah as the Lions were going to sleep for a long time. Needless to say we did not find the Cheetah. Turned back towards the Lions only to find they now have decided to move to the Drinking trough. A car pulled up next to us and told us there were 2 cubs on the other side of the road all by themselves.
Got there and these 2 looked lost…mom must have decided to go and have a drink first with the rest of the pride, then come back for them later. Hope she did as we had to leave for camp as it was now getting dark.

we are too cute!

this little one stuck his tongue out at all the cars

Got back to camp, lit the braai fire. Chris (forum name ChrisB) and Lynette came to say hello. Going out early tomorrow to see if we can see the pride on the road, for some reason they like to laze around on the tar road at night.

Hope we are going to hear the Lions Roar tonight!

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  1. Hi to you both. So enjoy reading about your exploits ! Just hope those cute little cubs did find their Mom eventually ? I am sure the guys at golf are missing you. The other day I asked my 4 ball if they were keeping up to speed with Andrew's Blog and they all answered ... "Andrew who? " Best wishes, Kerry