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Master list of Mammals

Only mammals are recorded, no birds or reptiles. the mammal is recorded once only irrespective of where it was seen, so for example a Baboon seen at Tsitsikamma will not be recorded again when seen in Kruger. We keep a daily list of mammals and will add a new sighting as we see it. The average daily for Kruger is 16 our record is 22 in a day, which we hope to break on this trip. Our record for a trip to Kruger only, is 36 on a 3 week stay. We hope to beat this, it will be tough as we are not going north where specific species and habitats exist.

Tsisikamma, Mountain Zebra, Golden Gate. (K = also seen in Kruger)
1 Dassie (K)
2 Bush Buck (K)
3 Vervet Monkey (K)
4 Baboon (K)
5 Red Hartebeest
6 Blesbok
7 Black backed Jackal (K)
8 Brown Hyena
9 Black wildebeest
10 Mountain Zebra
11 Kudu (K)
12 Steenbok (K)
13 Eland
14 Yellow Mongoose
15 Slender Mongoose (K)
16 Springbuck

Kruger Park
17/9  Impala
18/10   White Rhino
19/11   Elephant
20/12   Burchell's Zebra
21/13   Giraffe
22/14   Blue Wildebeest
23/15   Dwarf Mongoose
24/16   Warthog
25/17   Banded Mongoose
26/18 Hippo
27/19 Grey Duiker
28/20 Buffalo
29/21 Waterbuck
30/22 Bush Squirrel
31/23 Lion
32/24 Peter's Epauletted fruit Bat
33/25 Nyala
34/26 Klipspriger
35/27 Spotted Hyaena
36/28 Black Rhino
37/29 Wild Dog
38/30 Leopard
39/31 Tsessebe
40/32 Cheetah
41/33 Scrub Hare
42/34 Bush Baby
43/35 Southern Reedbuck
44/36 Honey Badger
45/37 Serval