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Day 0 One more Sleep 11 April

The day opened with a mild barbie thanks to a wonderful dinner evening with Patrick and Diane

The day was spent packing and getting the caravan ready for the long trip.

Quintin, Celeste, the boys and girls came for tea and bid us farewell. Kim and Peter also came to say goodbye and fetch Gucci our special Staffie who will be staying with Kim. We love you and will miss all of you.

Check lists were gone over and over.... TV, Decoder, Fridge, groceries, clothes, medicines, satelite dish, toilet chemicals, cameras, binoculars, booze, golf clubs and so on and so on.....

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  1. i wish I was there to bid you farewell as well. i know that you will enjoy every moment I am just so sorry that your caravan won't arrive till italy.. me and the girls love you guys and are so happy for you... take care and be aware of the lions, you never know they steal your lekker steaks out of your fridge.. love you lots and surely will see you at the end of this year... enjoy for me as well. kisses nerina raphie and gabby