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Day 4 Moutain Zebra National Park 15 April

Up steadies at 08h30 on a coolish morning, travelled through Port Elizabeth towards Colechester picking up the N10 towards Paterson to take the turnoff to Addo.
First surprise of trip, decided to phone ahead and check availability at Addo, "nothing until Thursday 22 April". Before we left we checked weekly to see if there was caravan sites available and it consistantly showed circa 10 available. We did not want to book ahead ,as we did not want to commit to dates, if we liked or disliked a place we could stay longer or leave early. Lesson learnt.
This forced us to move on to our next stop, Mountain Zebra National Park, ahead of schedule which means we have to stay somewhere longer than planned, to use up time, but hey who cares time I've got plenty. A pity to miss Addo.
Steadies down at 14h00 after an unplanned drive of 452 Km (Rule broken 2 out of 2 by driving more than 400 km in a day). At this rate we will be in Kruger next week.
Great camp site, grassed, shaded, spotless ablutions.
Put up some canvas as rain threatens, had a grear braai with Pap (polenta for my English freinds).
Game drive tomorrow to find the Cheetah which Johann and Lala told us about.

Co-Ordinates  32.22493S   25.47859E   Elevation 1212m  (follow us on Google Earth)

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  1. Well done Andrew and Lettie - this is a great Blog. You are making such good progress that I think I will book you in for a game of golf at Mowbray next week ! Don't just look out for the wild animals, look out for the wild drivers on the road. Looking forward to following your next 86 days ! Take care, Kerry