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Day 47 Satara (4 of 25) May 27 (PAYDAY)

SATARA, SATARA, SATARA what a place, teaming with game, Lion around every corner.

Left early to see if the pride we saw late yesterday was still at the trough next to the tar road
The lions had moved about a Km on the sand road (S90), as the cars started arriving they moved off deeper into the bush, just visible.

About 5 Km further we found 2 huge male Lions sunning themselves

Turned south onto the S41 Gudzani road and headed towards Nwanetsi picnic spot to meet with Corrie and Nonny and Attie from Paarl for breakfast.
Along the way we saw Rhino and other game 4 of the big 5 in a 2 hour drive.
At the picnic spot, while we were preparing our bacon and eggs we heard Lion roaring close by. We all went up to the look-out point and saw 3 male lions cross the river and move past the picnic spot within 80 m of the cleared area towards the tar. This is a first for us and shows that this place never ceases to offer up surprises.

Afternoon drive to our favorite spot, Girivana. On the way out we stopped at the shop and bought a tin of Stoney Ginger beer, a Cream soda and a small tub of ice cream to make a ginger beer and cream soda float.
We sat drinking this while we watched the full moon rise at 16h43 and the sun set at 17h13 before heading back to camp just in time before gates close.
Chris and Lynette came for sundowners

Another great day in Africa. Kerry please remind everyone of my surname, after a day like this I can do this permanently.

Looking east

Looking west at the same time

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