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Day 19 Skukuza (2 of 15) April 29

Breakfast next to the Sabie River


Pic of the Day

"What does this sign say? cant grade!!"

"Lets get this thing started and grade it ourselves

watch the speed limit"

Woke early, gates open at 06h00, crossed the low water bridge over the Sabie River, took the Maroela loop (S83) to the Salitje road (S30) view point where we had coffee and rusks. Breakfast at Nkuhlu, they seem to have sorted out the Vervet problem as we had a peaceful breakfast without having to guard our belongings. Afternoon drive to Renosterkoppies dam (S114) and back as gates close 18h00 (as from 1 May 17h30).
See Master Mammal list on pages for our sightings.

From time to time I am going to post a Photograph “Spot and Identify the Animal “, for those interested post a comment on what and where the animal is. After a few days I will publish the photo with the animal blown up for all to see.

I also plan to post the “Picture of the Day”. I don’t want to clutter the blog to much as it is still a long time to go. Give me some feed back on how long the blog is taking to load. At Skukuza 3G is available but at other camps only 2G which takes for ever to upload.

Kerry, the Co-ordinates are the exact location of where our caravan is standing. Satellite dish up (see Pic), will be watching the Stormers for sure. A lot of Bulls supporters here, a lot bigger than me so I wont be shouting to loud.

Bumped into Graham Balharry from Cape Town for those who know him from business and golf.


  1. Other than the 3 Topminnow guppies in the river, I can't see any other living creature. There MIGHT be something near the base of the tree trunk on the other side of the river - almost on the river bed - but the more I look the more my imagination gets carried away. My eyes are starting to hurt so I have given up ! I'll ask Cathy when she wakes up - she can spot anything !Dying to know where the mystery animal is !.......or am I looking at the wrong pic and it is the elephant in the pic below ??? The Bulls supporters are going to whimper when they get taken out by the Sharks tomorrow so don't hold back when shouting for the Stormers !! You don't know how lucky you are - doing what you are doing. Make the most of it. Kerry

  2. Hi Guys,

    Bloody hell, you could have started with something a little easier!! Saying that I think it's a Vervet. Sitting at the edge of the river bed in the sun. Makes me sooooo jealous to see you there, good thing I didn't come if you have taken malaria tablets.

    Love you