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Day 15 Badplaas 26 April

Woke to a cloudless sky with the temperature in the 20's. After breakfast we decided to pack up and head for Badplaas, the decision was made on the basis that it was a 6 hour trip and that tomorrow was the end of the long weekend, the traffic would be very heavy, good decision as the roads were quiet and in bad condition with lots of stop/go's. Steadies up at 11h00,travelled via Bergville, Ladysmith, Newcastle, Ermelo, Carolina and arrived at Forever Resorts Badplaas at 17h00 a distance of 456.3 Km. Great resort with lots of fun things to do, the big attraction being the mineral hot water spring. Only 120Km from Malelane Gate (1.5 Hours) and will head for Skukuza after enjoying a swim and breakfast.

Co-ordinates of camp site
S 25.95143
E 30.56486
Elevation 1105

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  1. Badplaas loks like quite a "busy" place. It is strange that there are no photos of the area on Google Earth. In fact there is a noticeable absence of photos on Google Earth all along the route that you have taken. Surprised, as it would make interesting viewing to Google Earth viewers. Would you no consider posting some ? You have some magnificent shots. Hope the weather is kind to you. Kerry