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Day 8 Golden Gate Highlands National Park 19 April

Steadies up at 07h30 travelled from Cradock via Hofmeyer, Steynsburg, Aliwal North, Rouxville, Zastron, Ladybrand, Clarens, GG. We decided to give Little Rock in Ladybrand a miss as we were only 130 km from GG. Again we broke the rules and travelled 643.2Km today. Steadies down at 16h00, lovely camp site, great neighbours, magnificent views (photo's to follow), lots of rain around. Put some canvas up because of the weather. According to the people here it has been raining all day and only stopped as we arrived. Plan to stay for 4 nights, visit Clarens and the art studios, coffee shops and maybe a round of golf, weather permitting.

Co-Ordinates 28.50608S 28.61870E elev. 1926.6m (our camp site)
(Kerry. the last Co-ordinates are on Day 4)

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  1. You're travelling far too fast. I've heard that your pets at the Kruger Park are quite happy to await your arrival. They ain't going nowhere ... thanks to all the fencing. My Inhouse computer geek (Matthew) tells me that maybe the reason why no-one else is posting a comment is beacsue you have set up your Blog on xxxx as opposed to yyyy and this results in most people not being able to log a comment without a whole "mission" to get access to the appropriate profile for logging comments. Apparently I am able to because I had my OOMT Blog already set up. Don't know if any of this makes sense to you but thought I would share the thought with you. Thanks for the co-ordinates ! Hope you guys stay put for a while now ....and get in a game of golf with Lettie ! Kerry