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Day 7 Mountain Zebra 18 April

Rained till early hours of this morning...there were a few campers that were miserable this morning!Their tents were sopping wet and lots of mud around them...we were warm and cosy and dry. Was a bit chilly this morning but the sun shone and no clouds around. Had breakfast...bacon, eggs & toast, we sat in the sun eating as it was chilly under the rally tent. Took a short drive to try and see the allusive Buffalo...but no luck. All the animals were lying down due to the chill in the air.
Got back to camp, started to packup as we are leaving early for Golden Gate tomorrow, going to be a long drive! After the packing up I gave Andrew a haircut and he looks all "spiffy" now.
A few thunder clouds around but no rain yet, holding thumbs it will not rain.

Till later...

What the park is named after.

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  1. You said you were going to give your co-ordinates for my Google plotting ! What's up ? Kerry