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Day 23 Skukuza (6 of 15) 3 May

The only part of a Rhino you want to see at such close quarters
Black Stork (84)

Decided to go out early. Took the road S114 passed Renosterkoppies, onto the H5 and S102 to Mpondo dam. Had our coffee and rusks at the dam. Onto S26 to the Biyamiti loop (S23) over the weir where we saw Rhino, Black stork, Pied and Giant Kingfisher, Hammerkop.
Had breakfast at Afsaal where there was a Puff adder slithering around the picnic site.
Still no predators!
Spent afternoon in camp watching over Landers arriving and setting up camp. A bit noisy tonight.
Andrew is going to try for a game of golf tomorrow.

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