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Day 27 Skukuza (10 of 15) 7 May

Spent the day in camp. Lettie did 2 bundles of washing.
Late afternoon drive to Renosterkoppies to see if the mating pair of Lion were still there.
Still there, the old man is looking no worse for wear.
Went to the restaurant for dinner to use up some of our Wildcard rewards.


  1. hi lettie, let me know how did you bake your bread, it seems you baked it under the coal.. it must be so yummy... keep enjoting every moment, we started to get more busy with our restaurant and that is fine all our love to you two... take care

  2. Finally I managed to catch up!
    Nice idea the “find the animal”!
    You seem to be super organised and not only where your camp is concerned: One can paint and the other one play golf!
    I hope that you like dark bread (missing the smilies here)

  3. Hi Mom,

    Happy mothers day.

    Love Quintin, Celeste and Kids