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Day 28 and 29 Skukuza (11 and 12 of 15) 8/9 May

Did a short trip to Transport Dam via the S65 waterhole detoured to Renosterkoppies to see if the mating pair was still there. They were in exactly the same spot for 5 consecutive days. We added a spotted Hyaena to the master list, returned to camp for an afternoon of sport. What a game between the Crusaders and Bulls. The cricket was a drubbing by the English…..

Our new neighbors were Rick and Jane Millard from KZN, what a lovely Motorhome, thanks for showing us around, you have now got us thinking along the motorhome lines. Hope to see you in KZN.

Also arrived from Agullus in the Cape, Hans and Johanna. Thanks for the beers and good company around the camp fire, at least there was another Stormers supporter amongst all the Sharks. Hope you sort your fridge out; we will definitely visit when we are in that area. When you come to Cape Town give us a call you have our email.

Found two nights available at Balule for 10 and 11 May and decided to take this, leaving Skukuza 2 days early. Balule is a very small rustic camp, only 10 sites on the banks of the Olifants River, co-ordinates to follow, no electricity, so we will be running on 12V, not a problem as we have gas and Battery, and will use the communal freezer for the 2 days. We won’t have DSTV and the battery life of my laptop is 2 hours so we won’t be Blogging until we get to Letaba on Wednesday 12 May.
Baluli is only 30Km from Letaba which puts us at Letaba early to secure a site at the fence.
Skukuza has been great, but it is too big and commercialized, it gets very busy and noisy over weekends. Last year we said we would give Skukuza a miss for the same reasons, and what do we do, book for 15 nights.

BLOG NOTE: DO NOT BOOK SKUKUZA FOR 2011 or ever again.

We took the Maroela loop for an early morning drive, nothing much to report. Returned for breakfast and slowly packed up, took down the awnings and the Add-a-Room ready for an early morning start.
Temperature hovering in the mid 30’s every day, cooling off in the pool regularly.

Baluli is 130 Km away at a speed limit of 50Kph will take us 3 to 4 hours with a bit of game viewing included.

I am trying to find the right shot for “Spot and Identify the Animal no 3” and will post this when we get connected again.

Lettie thanks all of you for the Mothers day good wishes.
Also thanks to all of you following us around the world.

Nerina in Italy, we miss you so much, especially the food at Little Italy, any advise for us on bread making.
Love to Raffie and Gaby. How are they doing at school in Italy?

Bert in Holland, we hope to meet up with you again in Kruger, you can give us some lessons on taking those magnificent photos that you do.

Till Wednesday

Andrew and Lettie.

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  1. Enjoy your two days in Balule away from it all!!!

    See you on wednesday!