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Day 32 and 33 Letaba (1 and 2 of 13) 12/13 May

Day 32 12 May

Packed up and left Balule at 06h45 with a wish to return next year for a 5 day stay. We will have to get a 12v freezer for the car which we should invest in anyway.
We arrived at Letaba at 07h45, found a great spot against the fence, under a huge tree, with plenty of shade.

23.85525 S
31.58067 E
Elev. 230.02m

Set up camp for a 13 night stay. I cannot get a satellite signal for DSTV as I cannot get a clear view of the sky, to many trees in the way. We will just have to go without news and sport for 2 weeks. Will have to watch the Stormers Bulls game at the TV room in camp, could be quite festive. There is only 2G at Letaba so internet will be a bit slow. So posts will be short. Hyaena patrolling the fence as usual.

Day 33 13 May

Slept late for a change, fiddled with satellite dish to try and get reception, no luck.
Took an afternoon drive to Phalaborwa to stock up on supplies, far too expensive at the park shops.
A cooler day with the temperature around 27 C

On the way back we ran into a pack of 8 Wild dogs on the Phalaborwa Letaba (H9) tar road about 10 Km from camp.
This is the highlight of our trip so far. The last time we saw Wild Dog in the park was at Lower Sabie way back in 2004. Victoria you will remember this as it was the time when you came with us.
Spent the afternoon photographing and watching their behavior patterns, got back to camp just in time before gates closed.

What a day!

Fence patrol
Our braai

Waiting and watching in front of our van at the fence

Our site at Letaba


  1. Hi Guys,

    Wow, Black Rhino and Wild Dog! Don't forget to submit the pis of the wild dogs to the park for the census. Your sight also looks great, I can't tell you how jealous I am. All good here, just been bucketing down everyday, supposed to clear now for a week or so. Is there anyway you can get a map up of the area you are in? Might help when you talk about the various roads you have taken, also take this opportunity to add a few birds to the list being up north.

    Love ya.

  2. Balule sounds great! Fantastic that you have seen wild dogs. Lately they have been seen quite often by forum members writing Travel Tales.

    Enjoy your stay at Letaba!

  3. these pics are great.... one day I must see all this, take care guys and enjoy..xxxxx from us