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Day 34 Letaba (3 of 13) 14 May

Have you ever seen a Pedestrian sign in Kruger?

We left at 7am, took a drive to Mingerhout Dam.
On our way there we saw a small herd of Elephants with little ones.
Saw lots of Impala. There are plenty of bachelor males with young males; it is the start of the “Runting” season.
The group of bachelor males makes these grunting noise; they inhale air and then fart while snorting at the same time. They challenge the males who have lots of females so the poor male have to guard the ladies from all sides…he runs circles around them to keep the other males out and the ladies in so they do not stray to the bachelors, lots of fights among the males!
On our way back we took a small loop along the river, saw a Elephant lying in the side of the river…looked like he was in trouble, maybe he fell and could not get up, so we sat under a tree and watched him for a while. After 10min he then surprised us and got up, so much for Elephants not lying down! He stood eating grass from the river and then decided the water was too nice and flopped back on his side in the water with his head lying on the sand bank, very lazy indeed.
Got back to camp to have breakfast and I wanted to do some painting.
After breakfast Andrew decided to give it one more go to get the TV aerial working, after a while fiddling and moving it he got it right…we have reception! Watched the news and just saw Australia beat Pakistan.
As usual the Hyena is patrolling the fence hoping somebody will feed it.
One lone Elephant and a lone Buffalo outside the fence now feeding, we can hear the branches break and the buff moving around.

Elephant "sleeping" in the river

Mom and Little one

Andrew inherited the "Chinese" lamp

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