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Day 35 Letaba (4 of 13) May 15

We spent the morning in camp, cleaned car and caravan, Lettie did a load of washing.
Late afternoon drive to see a Leopard, our neighbours gave us the co-ordinates of the kill.
The Leopard was not on the kill. there were two Impala rams taken by the Leopard, apparently they were fighting when the Leopard killed both of them a hundred metres apart. We sat there for a while and decided to drive a little further on and return later. Bad decision, when we got back the Leopard had moved the one kill deeper into the bush. Could only see him through the binoculars in dense foliage with no photo opportunity. Had to leave at 17h15 as we were 15 min away from the gate, which closes at 17h30. We plan to return early tomorrow morning to see what is at both kills.
Late braai and watched the Stormers beat the Bulls B team.

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