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Day 36 Letaba (5 of 13) May 16

Impala ram taken by Leopard

All night we lay wondering what might be happening at the Leopard kill, had Lions perhaps stolen it and driven the Leopard off? Maybe Hyaena’s had harassed the Leopard into giving it up?
We left at first light, to find the first kill untouched; the second kill’s rump had been eaten.
We searched and scanned the area for the Leopard, someone told us they saw the Leopard, but it had moved off in the direction of the other kill. We reversed back and found the Leopard close to the road. It dragged the uneaten kill further in and proceeded to feed.
What a great sighting and the second big highlight of our trip so far.
Very unusual to see a Leopard take down two Impala at the same time.
We hope to see many more like this over the next 50 or so days that we have left in the Kruger Park.

Very light drizzle today with cloud cover which is going to spoil our sighting of the crescent moon next to Venus just after sunset as explained in the blog on Day 30 and 31


  1. nice leopard sighting. Been following everyday even if I havent commented. Wish i was there!

  2. How did the leopard do that - one must have been knock out... Very unusual sighting!!!