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Day 51 and 52 Satara May 31 and June 1

Girvana Water hole (3 photos spliced together) note Hippo in middle and Croc on RHS.

Day 51

Mid morning drive along the S100, we just missed a pride of lion cross the road, apparently on the hunt, the cars were still there, but the lions had moved into the Nwanetzi river bed, had Coffee and rusks at Gudzani dam. Returned to camp for breakfast along the S90. Afternoon drive to Girvana water hole.
It was quite a windy day, obviously the tail of the front which crossed the country.

Day 52

We stayed in camp until 08h00 so that we could phone and make our reservations for next year 2011. Bookings for May 2011 opened at 07h30, we made a confirmed reservation at Lower Sabie arriving 1 May 2011 departing 1 June 2011. When the booking opens for June 2011 on 1 July 2010, we will book Satara for the month of June 2011.

Went to Girvana water hole, a hippo and a large croc has taken up residence there.
Kim, I have taken a composite photo for you of Girvana, as I know you enjoy this special water hole as much as we do. It is only a matter of time before we see something special there.
Continued onto the S36 to see if we could spot the Sable Antelope, which we desperately need to add to our master list of mammals, we have not added to our list for some time now. Will try again as they were grading the road today which will make it much better for traveling.
Returned along the Sweni, saw a beautiful breeding herd of Elephant,
Tomorrow, 2 June, we have booked into a bungalow at Pretoriuskop for the night, so that we can get an very early start to be in Nelspruit at 07h30 on Thursday for a car service. While the car is being serviced, we will do some essential shopping, fill up the gas cylinders and so on. Must leave Nelspruit by 14h00 to be back at Satara before gate close at 17h30.

Croc at Girvana

A bachelor herd of Impala was near this group and the ram in the photo spent his day chasing intruders away and preventing his ewes from straying to close to the bachelors.

Breeding herd of Elephant on the Sweni

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