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Day 55 Satara (12 of 25) June 4

Fridays in Kruger is "Support Bafana Bafana day"
All staff wear the official shirts, from the camp manager, reception staff
to the cleaners and dustbin men, great to see.
We also came out this Friday morning wearing our Bafana Bafana shirts as a sign of support for our team and country, the flag hangs proudly on our tent pole.

The atmosphere in the park is great, at the filling stations, restaurant and in the ablution blocks the talk is World cup 2010.
We saw the new stadium in Nelspruit yesterday, the streets are lined with flags, the shops all sell t shirts, caps, vuvuzelas, side mirror covers for your car etc. a great vibe.

Undecided as to what road to take this afternoon, normally we would go to Girvana, but decided to take the tar road to Nwanedzi as Cheetah had been seen there in the morning, bad mistake, when we got back to camp we heard that a cheetah had made a kill at Girvana and was seen feeding and came to drink water. We will go out early to see if the Cheetah is still there.

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