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DAY 56 (13 OF 25) 5 JUNE

Left early, took the Timbavati road. Went past the Ratelpan water hole. The grass is so high one cannot see the trough. Saw a few Impala on the way and a couple of Elephants.
Got to Timbavati picnic spot for breakfast. Very busy this morning as the “weekenders” are in the park. While having our breakfast we saw 2 Lionesses lying under a tree about 500 metres away.
Somebody told us the big males were down the road. We decided to go and look for the males after breakfast, but only found Vultures in a tree at the spot where the Lions are supposed to be. Turned around went the other way towards Girivana water hole.
On the way saw this one-horned Giraffe.
He looked at us as if to what is your problem?

Near the Girivana water hole we saw this old big Buffalo…he was full of mud and looked very grumpy!

Sat at Girivana for nearly the whole afternoon, only a few Impala grazing near the dam.

Corrie and Nonnie joined us for a braai. Kim we took this photo to show you how Corrie and Nonnie looks like…(sure you have forgotten what they looked like)

While braaing a young man came by our caravan, said “hello”…Andrew did not recognize him, thought it was Pat’s(WarthogB) son in-law. I came out of the caravan and saw it was Trevor, Rolene, my niece’s husband. He is here for a few days with some friends. Sorry you were not here as well Ouvrou!
Decided we are going to go out early tomorrow and just sit at Girivane to see if we can see the Cheetah that have been there for a few days. Everybody have seen him/her but we still need to see him/her!

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