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Day 58 & 59 Satara (15&16 of 25) June 7&8

Day 59

We decided to take the S90, as this road had been hot for the last couple of days according to the sightings board. Instead of turning south onto the S41 we decided to take the loop towards Bangu and back onto the tar towards Ngotso dam. Other than general game, the only carnivore we saw was a Jackal.
With the school holidays approaching, the profile of the campers is changing, younger people with school going children is replacing pensioners and older folk.
In addition, a lot of World Cup tourists arriving and the vibe is great.

Day 58

At 2am this morning, Lions roared close to camp. We heard them pass the camp towards the water hole, which is situated in front of the Frankel Guest Cottage. This water hole is lit up and has a live webcam which can be viewed on the internet at
Left camp early, headed straight towards Girivane to see if the Leopard was still at the water hole. About 1 Km from the waterhole we saw a Cheetah…but just a glimpse, as it was hunting and dashed into the thick bush. At least we saw a Cheetah! And added it to our master list
Got to Girivane, had our coffee and rusks and waited, however, no Leopard. There was only a troop of Baboons in the big tree, starting to climb down to go and forage for food for the day.
We took a slow drive to Muzandzeni picnic spot to meet up with Corrie and Nonnie for breakfast.
Had the weekly “calamity” eggs, bacon, onion, sausage and toast.
After breakfast, we took a slow drive down the S36 to see if we could find Sable Antelope. At the water hole, Ngwenyeni, we found a herd of Elephant swimming. They carried on like children in a swimming pool, they could not get enough, rolling and hitting the water with their trunks! The local resident Hippo was a bit stressed as its peaceful dam was being churned around like water in a washing machine.
We carried on to Mhisanamond water hole hoping to see the Sable there. Parked under the only tree with shade, had a nice sleep. No Sable to been seen.
We went back towards Muzandzeni, onto the Sweni road- S126. Passed the Ngwenyeni dam again and saw that the Hippo was sunning itself out of the water on the warm sand.
The Sweni was very quiet, hardly any animals on this road. We did not go out for a drive in the afternoon, decided to stay and read some of our magazines we bought in Nelspruit.

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