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Day 62 (Satara 19 of 30) June 11 Soccer World Cup Opening

Woke early and sat at the gate waiting for opening at 06h00 donned in our Bafana shirts and flying the flag.
On a premonition that there were Lion at Girivana, we headed straight there, low and behold 8 lion at the waterhole.
They gave us 5 minutes of their time before moving off. The light was still to dark for any decent photographs.
We continued along the 5 km loop trying to follow the lions, after about a Km we found a Jackal lying in the middle of the road, alive but unable to move. On closer inspection we saw bite marks on its spine with its back obviously broken, all around were Lion spoor. The pride we had seen minutes ago had obviously caught this Jackal. We watched this for a while trying to figure out what drama had happened here during the night. We left, allowing nature to take its course, not prepared to watch this little animal die.
We have now seen the "Big 5" at this waterhole at different times.

Returned to camp, a bit sad, and got ready to watch the opening ceremony of the world cup on TV. The spirit in camp was electric the game was exciting and when Bafana scored, the vuvazelas started blowing, amazing. Quintin, on I predicted the result 1-1, which must have given our team a boost, does this mean I keep my place in the team?

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