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Day 63 (Satara 19 of 30) June 12

This herd of Buffalo is huge to many to even try to count. We have seen them almost daily, they seem to move around the Nsemani dam. This morning was misty and I tried to capture the mood in this photo.

We left camp at just after 6 am headed direct to Girivana waterhole as usual.

The same lions as we saw yesterday were there again, moving off just after we arrived, again we were the only car at the waterhole.
Enjoyed our coffee and rusks before proceeding to see what had happened to the Jackal attacked by the lions yesterday.
True to nature, the once proud and brave little Jackal was been devoured by a bird of prey, an Eagle, we still have to ID the eagle, maybe we can get some help from all you raptor experts out there.
We continued to Muzandzeni for breakfast. Lettie handed over the colouring book and crayons to the two kids who live there.
Still trying to find the Sable on the S36.Soon!!!!
Returned to camp to watch the rugby and soccer and Cricket (nearly forgot).

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