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DAY 68 (SATARA 24 OF 30) JUNE 17

Firstly...Happy Birthday Ewa! hope you had a super day.

Left camp only at 7am, it was cold and windy this morning, battled to get out of the warm bed.
Did the “Ben Schoeman” (S100) to go and find the Cheetah everybody saw yesterday on that road. We need to add a Cheetah to our master list!
While driving along the road we saw a Lioness come walking out of the bushes near a dry riverbed. She walked across the sand road at a fast pace, to quick for a photo. She went to lye down near a small bush a distance away. We could just see her head looking in all directions. We looked to the right of the road and noticed 4 old male Buffalo’s come to graze on the grass near the road. We were the only car there for about 10min when the first cars arrived, major traffic jam! Some carried on after they saw her but turned around and told us there were another Lioness with cubs further up the road lying in the dry river sand, sunning themselves. We sat there watching the Lioness for nearly 3 hours hoping she would make a kill. Some Impala came walking towards her but she was to much in a hurry to catch them, they saw her and ran off. She crossed the road back to the dry river towards the other female. They disappeared into the thick bush.
By now our tummy’s were grumbling from hunger. Carried on and a km away I spotted something in the bush, told Andrew to stop and reverse, there I saw another Lioness sleeping! Looked through my binoc’s and saw 2 more Lions, a male and another female.
Again we were the first to spot them, but boy after 5min we had a traffic jam around us!
Carried on towards N'wanetsi picnic spot (S41). A car stopped us and told us there were more Lions on the S41! They were feasting on a small Elephant. Got there, another major traffic jam! Managed to see one Lion lying by the carcass protecting it from the Vultures who have arrived and are trying to get their share. Could not take a photo as it was to far in the bush for our little camera’s.
We managed to get to the picnic spot at 12:30 to have our breakfast.

Well what a morning!


  1. Glad you saw lots of Lions, shame about the elephant though...nature is unfortuanatly not always pretty.
    Still enjoying your report
    john n kate

  2. Hi John & Kate,

    Cannot remember when or where I met you but thanks for commenting on our blog. Glad you like it so far.