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DAY 67 (SATARA 23 OF 30) JUNE16

Left early, decided to do the Timbavati road (S39) from the north going on the tar road towards Olifants camp (H1-4)
About 2 klm we saw 2 big male Lions running in the distance on a no-entry sand road going towards the local airstrip. We could not take photos as they were to far away. We think the Lions ran towards the females, maybe they made a kill and could hear them feed.
Stopped at the Ntomeni water hole and saw the dead Hyena was still lying under the bushes but boy…the stench! An Elephant was drinking water at the trough, wonder if he knew the dead Hyena was there!
Near the Ratelpan Hide we saw these Hippos sunning themselves in the sun as it was chilly and windy today.

A Hippo standing sleeping

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