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Day 65 (Satara 21 of 30) June 14

Sunrise at Girivana

Back to routine and went to Girivana very early, we found the large herd of buffalo just off the road, most of them were lying down huddled very close together with the cows and calves in the centre, the big bulls on the outside.
At the water hole we found 5 Rhino drinking at the trough. We watched the sunrise with the Rhino in the foreground.
Continued on the loop to see what was left of the Jackal, nothing, the carcass had disappeared. Retuned to the waterhole as a passing motorist told us that there were Lions on the road near Girivana, they had moved off already.
In the afternoon, we spoilt ourselves and made an ice-cream float, which we enjoyed at Girivana in the company of a large herd of Elephant.
Quintin and Peter, how was the Italy game, what is the new stadium like? While you were wet and cold in Cape Town we had 35C max. and 16C min. the forecast is that the front will hit us on Wednesday.

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