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DAY 69 SATARA (26 of 30) JUNE 18

The temperature this morning was 5 C the coldest we have experienced so far on our trip maximum today was 22 C.

We found these baboon on the S100 sunning themselves in the rays of the early morning sun.
If you look closely by enlarging the pics you will see that they are all sleeping. Note the bush buck wandering amongst them.

Stayed in camp most of the day, went out for a late afternoon drive, on the way back to camp along the Orpen road we found a Leopard draping itself over a dead tree stump. with about 10 min. to go before gates close and still 4 Km from camp we had no time to spend with the LIT or to take a photo. Maybe tomorrow!!

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  1. So enjoying your pics and comments, especially the one of your last day in Satara. The pics of the lioness and cubs are wonderfully heartwarming.

    Anita Baert.