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DAY 70 (SATARA 27 OF 30) JUNE 19

Decided to do the Sweni one more time before we move to Maroela camp on Wednesday.
This road have been “dead” for us now for 2 years, meaning cats. Even the game is scarce.
Took this photo of the sun rising with this Kudu’s silhouette in the front.

Had breakfast at Muzandzeni, was very busy due to the school holidays.
Drove down to Shimangweni dam, found a herd of Buffalos drinking and play sparring with each other.
After a while the resident Hippo decided he wanted to go and sun himself, but the Buffalo were on the spot where he wanted to go, started to chase the Buffs, they had a bit of a standoff, but the Hippo surged forward and they gave way. He then settled in his little “hole” in the sand and dozed off ignoring the buffs.
We sat there for quite a while watching the buffs and hippo. We had a little snooze in the car, sun was nice and warm as it was chilly this morning.
While driving towards Girivane water hole we noticed a fire burning in that direction.
Sat there until it was time to get back to camp hoping to see the Leopard again, but no luck.

This photo shows the sunset and fire from camp in the distance.

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