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DAY 71 (SATARA 28 OF 30) JUNE 20

Got an early start, decided to do the S90 to see if we could see the 2 male Lions. A herd of Buffalo crossed the road, this female had her own grass necklace on

This little family of Swainsons were sunning themselves in the road.

This Zebra posed for us

Turned onto the S41 and found 2 male Lions a few km from Gudzani east water hole.
They were too far in the bush to take photos.
A while later, on the same road, we found 6 Lions feeding on a Giraffe. Also battled to take photos as there was a major traffic jam. Managed a few photos

The young males in the pride

Decided to go and have breakfast as it was now nearly 12pm!
Stopped to see if the Lions were still feeding on the small Elephant. The 2 males were still feeding and defending the carcass against the vultures, who by now were all sitting in a tree nearby.

Wow 3 Lions sightings in a mornings drive on the same road!

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