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Day 76 (Maroela 3 of 12) June 25

Set the alarm to get out of camp early, we want to try and see the Wild dogs and the Cheetah that have been spotted near Maroela camp.
Oh dear…the Honey Badger was at it again!. We saw it got hold of a bag with rubbish in and dragged it outside the fence.
Took a very slow drive down the Rabelais road, then back onto the tar to try and spot the Cheetah that have been seen in that area.
Stopped at Bobbejaankrans lookout to have our morning coffee. While having our coffee we heard a Lion roar in the distance, looked through our binoc’s but could not spot the Lion, it kept on roaring as it got closer, but still we could not see Lion as there were lots of trees and bushes down below.
Two Jeep-Jockeys arrived, lots of noise and walking around, so we decided to carry on. Saw a herd of Buffalo near the lookout point.
Took the road towards Muzandzeni picnic spot to try and see some Sable, no luck.
The road to Muzandzeni was quiet, animals still lying down resting.
After breakfast took a slow drive back to camp, again very little animals around.
Got back to camp, saw that the bag with the rubbish was still lying outside the fence. Andrew then took a long tent pole and managed to gather the rubbish back towards the hole in the fence, collected it and disposed it back into the dustbin. Hope we will not find more rubbish outside the fence.


  1. Hope you get to see the wild dogs.

  2. Have a good time , wish we were still there - Pat