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Day 74 (Maroela 1 of 12) June 23

New Co-ordinates
S 24.45580
E 31.39934
Elevation 436.2 m

Arrived at Maroela at o7h30 we found a great spot right against the fence, set up our rally to within 1 meter of the fence. completely private.
Surprised that there were quite a few spots open as the bookings show the camp is full.
A complete change from Satara, small, quiet, no shop or restaurant and the campers themselves choosing to camp at Maroela rather than bigger camps having a different attitude to the Kruger.
The ablutions are great with very hot water and the showers bigger than other camps where you had to get back into the shower to open the door.
Another bonus is that I have 3G for much quicker connection to the internet, since we left Skukuza we have been on 2G which is so so slow.

Spent the rest of the day in camp admiring the view into the riverbed from our caravan.
Plenty to see. Baboons are a problem, I had to get my broomstick out and chase a troop raiding camp. Keeps me fit and shows my masculinity defending the species, I will rather have that than stressing out in the city traffic and crime.

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