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Day 86 Eiland Spa (1 of 7) July 5, 2010

New Co-ordinates
S 23.66066
E 30.67151

Elev. 510.45m

Happy Birthday Lettie

It was no point in leaving to early for the Eiland as we could only check in after 12h00 and it was only a 2-hour drive from Maroela. I went to the service station to get the tyres pumped, on the way back I spotted two Wild dogs. Rushed back to fetch Lettie and followed the dogs for a while. At last, we have seen the Dogs that everyone has been seeing around Maroela. Hooked up the caravan at about 09h30 and headed for the gate.
Just outside the gate right next to the road, lay a Buffalo carcass, which had been partly eaten, apparently Lions caught it during the night; Vultures were now all over the carcass.
What an exciting last night and morning in the park, it is like golf, just when you think you have had enough something happens that brings you back again and again. I already can’t wait for next year.

Arrived at Eiland Spa at about 12h30 to be greeted by Corrie and Leonora who guided us to our site no A67. What a great private site we have. Set up camp for a 7 day stay.
On arrival our booking was handled very efficiently, They already knew the colour, make and Registration number of my car, in minutes I was booked in.
The ablutions are fantastic and the showers are better than my own home.
We all went to the restaurant to celebrate Letties Birthday.
There is a lot to do here, 3 big swimming pools at different temperatures including an indoor Hydro. Tennis, Squash, Mini Golf, Golf, Table Tennis, Horse Riding, Pool.
For the kids there are trampolines, a super tube and entertainment all day.
We will explore it fully tomorrow.

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  1. Happy Birthday Lettie, hope you enjoyed your day. Andrew you lucky old man to have such a young wife - Pat