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Day 84 and 85 Maroela (11+12 of 12) July 3 & 4

Lions had taken this buff during the night, it lay just outside Orpen gate outside the park.

Day 85

Happy Birthday Kim

Went out early we had coffee at Bobbejaankrans where we heard a Leopard coughing in the riverbed, we spotted it on the opposite bank and were happy to share it with a group of overseas tourists who arrived.
The Jeep Jockey told us that they had seen the Wild Dog on the way in this morning.
Returned to camp to pack and get ready to leave tomorrow.
We had an exciting evening with the Honey Badger arriving early allowing us to take some close ups of him/her. Lettie stayed well clear this time. We also heard a Leopard cough repeatedly very close by. Fish and chips for our last evening at Maroela.

Day 84

Decided to take a last long drive before we leave, traveled down the tar towards Satara
Turned onto the Girivani road onto Timbavati for breakfast and returned to camp via Satara straight down the tar. General game no cats spotted.
We did a leg of lamb with roast potatoes in the stainless steel braai, turned out fantastic, yum yum.

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