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Day 83 (10 of 12) July 2

Woke to a wet morning with a light drizzle, we decided to stay in camp, paint a bit and do some admin, pay accounts etc., what follows is some interesting shots taken at different times. I spy with my big eye

Interesting pose and grandkids see the ring on his bum where he sat on the toilet before the paint had dried.

Nyala seen near Orpen, they are common from Letaba north but a mega tick in the south.

The biggest bird

And a small chick

Interesting photo of the Rhino taken at the end of April and one taken in the same area at the end of May. Note how the grass has dried out in a month.

Have a look at spot the animal page, it has a new post.


  1. The animal is a leopard ......anyway you gave the game away by saving the pic as "Leopard" !

  2. Well done Kerry, I also gave a clue, "spot the spots" Hope to be back for my first golf game on thursday a week 15 will confirm when I get your mail, Best regards