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Day 80 Maroela (7 of 12) June 29

Hippo yawning trying to intimidate the elephants

Water in s h 1 t out

Are these perhaps twins?

Has anybody any idea why Zebras are being collard, saw this one on the Orpen-Satara tar rd.
We decided to lay-in an extra half an hour this morning and what happens, their is a Leopard at the gate preventing the staff from opening the gate on time.
We travelled down the tar and completed the Rabelais loop returning to Maroela for breakfast and to do some maintenance, fixed the table and replaced a rivet in a chair. Must be the weight increase due to good food and atmosphere and a lack of exercise.
Lettie went to Orpen to do a load of washing.
In the afternoon we did the same loop but in a different direction.Had fish and rice with a fruit salad and custard as dessert (Capetonians can't go long without fish)

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  1. Hi Andrew and Lettie,

    I might have joined late, but i have caught up. I was not aware that you had a blog until Albie told me. I am so envious with your sightings, but then you always seem to come up trumps. Enjoy the last couple of days.