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Day 81 (Maroela 8 of 12) June 30

We decided to stay out all day.
Took the tar road to Satara, Coffee and what is left of the rusks at Bobbejaankrans.

Mom with chicklets feeding near us while we were having our morning coffee.
Turned south onto the S36 hoping to spot Sable.
At Rockvale waterhole, we found a small pride of Lion, to far for decent photo’s and to lazy and inactive to keep us interested for long.
Quick pit stop at Muzandzeni before taking on the Sweni again, as reported earlier this road, once our favorite, is dead. We have now tried it early, mid morning and late with little to report.
Headed on the tar towards N”wanetsi, Lions at Shishangani, again to far and inactive.

Immature Bateleur
After breakfast we did the S100 which had been so good to us while we were at Satara.
The biggest herd of Elephant I have seen on this trip crossed the road in front of us heading for the river. No excitement of an Elephant charging us on this trip, yet.

Returned via Girivana to Maroela. A long day in the saddle.

Braai with pap and train smash for din dins.

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