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Day 79 (Maroela 6 of 12) June 28

I heard the dustbins being pushed over early this morning. I decided to go outside and see if I could take a photo of the Honey Badger. Grabbed Andrew’s camera and waited near the exit hole in the fence. The young boys next door then told me he/she is coming with a packet in its mouth towards the escape hole. I took a photo but the flash did not work. Now the Badger was out and I had no photo! I asked the young boy to light the path to our car so I could get my camera out. The youngest of the boys had not seen the badger before and told me he was excited but also scared when he saw it for the fist time.
Got the camera, boys went back to their caravan and I decided to wait for the Badger to come back. Looked at my cell and saw that it was 1am in the morning!Luckily the moon was up and shining bright so I was not totally in the dark waiting for the badger to return. After about 10min I heard the dustbin next to our caravan being raided…walked slowly towards our screen wall, took a photo, then he/she saw me and charged me! Well this “Oumie” turned tail and ran to our caravan a few steps away…jeez! That was close. Andrew woke up and wanted to know what is going on with all the noise I was making getting back into the van. Told him about the Badger chasing me, both of us had a good giggle. Back in bed, we could hear it was still going about pushing dustbins over, looking for scraps. If there are any cartoonists out there, this scene would make a great cartoon, picture the scene, bright moonlit night, Oumie in her pajamas, hightailing it for the caravan with the badger in hot pursuit


  1. Who got the bigger fright - badger ,Oumie in PJ'S or Andrew - now who took the pix?

  2. Hamish

    good to hear from you and glad to see you are following us, you joined at nearly the end of the trip, so you have got a lot of catching up to do. Best Regards

  3. Fabulous story!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I took the photo! after I took the photo the Badger charged me...