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Day 82 (Maroela 9 of 12) July 01

Lions roaring very close by woke us at 04h 00. The moon was bright and we got up to see if we could see them. We stood there in the chill and listened as they roared, what a thrill, it made me wonder how prehistoric man must have felt when the King roared. It is the most spine chilling sound, the faintest roar will wake me from the deepest sleep.
Up early waiting for the gate to open so that we could see if we could find them. Traveled along the tar and found them about a Km from the turn off to camp, 5 of them crossed the road walking in a southerly direction, they were walking with a mission. It was still to dark for any decent photo and out of sight within 5 min.

Turned onto the Rabelais road and spotted a Serval cat crossing the road. This is a new addition to our mammal list, which takes our number to 44 total and 28 for Kruger. (see mammals page)
Continued on to Rabelais dam for coffee (we have run out of rusks, not bad planning as we have only 5 days to go)
Returned to Orpen so that we could be within Cell phone range, to make our bookings with Sanparks for next year June, which opened today at 07h30. Booked Satara for the whole month of June 2011, done!
Went to the Rabelais turn off and back again, at exactly the same spot where we saw the Lion we saw a Rhino on the way out and a herd of Buffalo on the way back.
Wild dog were spotted again this morning, but they are being seen outside the KNP between Orpen Gate and the far gate (Timbavati control gate).
81 days and seen the backside of a one Cheetah, where are the Sable? This is the first trip that we have not seen Sable.
We had breakfast in camp this morning. Brekkies was French toast, Anchoviette Toast and coffee.

Weather turned nasty…overcast with slight drizzle and windy.
Did some cleaning, cleaned the inside of the caravan, washed floor and dusted.
Out of camp by 4:30pm, drove at a snails pace on tar road. At about 3km from camp we saw cars had stopped. Got to the spot and saw a leopard with a warthog in its mouth dragging it back towards where we came from. We must have missed the chase by seconds as the Warthog was still kicking.

We turned around and followed it for a while. Lost sight of it so we drove slowly on, hoping we will see it again when we saw an elephant a few paces away right next to the road in a small dip. Stopped to take a photo of it while it was eating grass.

After a few minutes we saw the leopard walking towards the elephant with the warthog in its mouth, the elephant got a fright and chased the leopard up a small tree. The leopard was balancing on a thin branch when suddenly it lost grip of the warthog, the warthog and leopard fell to the ground. It was funny.
He/she then sat under the tree licking the warthog getting ready to have a feast.
We had to leave after a while as it was now getting dark and the gates were closing at 5:30pm.

We saw the big 5 in one day, only the second time while we are here, and that was on the 3Km stretch from Orpen gate to the Rabelais turn off
Supper was chicken lasagna, and homemade bread. Watched the Tennis on DSTV, a change from the soccer.
This is what happens when a cat is spotted.
Reg no.
HGP 832 NW

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  1. Fantastic day - awesome sightings.
    Thanks for sharing your moments.